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Diyila Dagbani Wikipedia

List of administrators

[mali mi di yibu sheena n-niŋ]

Current list of administrators on the Dagbani Wikipedia:

We currently don't have local admins here, and I'd like to take the first step. As a new Wiki we don't have the usual problems big wikis have; like spam or having to protect pages or block users, and so there's not a strong need for admins yet. Until then, I will mainly be using the tool to delete pages and move articles without leaving redirects.

I joined Dagbani Wikipedia within the first month of its launch and have been doing lots of maintenance work such as adding categories, creating basic templates, wikifying articles, and many more essential tasks. I plan to use admin tools to do "janitorial" and maintenance work on Wikipedia, such as removing spam articles and moving articles. I have also created hundreds of new articles and plan to continue improving the Dagbani Wikipedia in the future. Most importantly, I would like to make sure that the Dagbani Wikipedia remains an open and welcoming educational online space for all Africans and anyone interested in Africa.

Across all Wikimedia projects, I have several thousand edits and have also contributed extensively to various African-language Wikipedias such as Hausa, Ewe, Bambara, Fulfulde, Sango, and Dinka, doing lots of essential maintenance work and creating many new articles. You can see meta:User:Sabon Harshe for further information. Sabon Harshe (Yɛltɔɣa) 12:23, 6 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)[{{GENDER :|reply}}]

Shahadusadik is one of the most active members of the meta:Dagbani Wikimedians User Group and has done a great deal to help get the Dagbani Wikipedia started. I, Sabon Harshe, hereby nominate Shahadusadik to be an administrator on the Dagbani Wikipedia. Sabon Harshe (Yɛltɔɣa) 12:23, 6 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)[{{GENDER :|reply}}]