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Thanks for all of your work here and also for looking into the Databox template, it's going to be very useful for our work here. The Dagbanli community is currently tiny, and so we can use all the help we can possibly get. Na gode da aikinka. -Masssly (Yɛltɔɣa) 07:46, 22 Silimin gɔli July 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]

Hello Sabon Harshe, do you know if there is any Dagbani Quran translations that is CC-BY-SA? I'm thinking that it would be useful to add the translated texts to the respective articles as well. -Masssly (Yɛltɔɣa) 14:53, 26 Silimin gɔli July 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]

@Masssly: Translation of the Meanings of the Noble Qur'an - Dagbani translation, by Muhammad Baba Gutubu is the only version that can be found online. There's no copyright mentioned anywhere. Perhaps it's better to directly contact Sheikh Muhammad Baba Gutubu. I believe he is in Tamale. Sabon Harshe (Yɛltɔɣa) 15:59, 26 Silimin gɔli July 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]
@Masssly: For now, I can just include the most commonly recited surahs from Juz Amma (last 30th section of the Qur'an), like Surahs 96, 103, 112, and other short ones. The longer ones can wait until we are sure of the copyright status. Sabon Harshe (Yɛltɔɣa) 14:16, 28 Silimin gɔli July 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]
@Sabon Harshe:I wrote to him once, but didn't hear from him. From what I see on the translation cover it looks like it was funded by King Fahd University Quran translation project, and those works are usually free to use by the public. -Masssly (Yɛltɔɣa) 10:21, 1 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]
@Masssly: I think we can put the surahs onto the Dagbani Wikipedia then, as long as they all cite Muhammad Baba Gutubu's translation. Sabon Harshe (Yɛltɔɣa) 12:33, 6 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]
@Masssly: I have put all of the full Dagbani translations into the surah articles. I think it's a better idea to use *1. , etc. instead of # so that if an ayah (verse) gets accidentally misordered, we won't end up with a wrong ayah number. Sabon Harshe (Yɛltɔɣa) 09:40, 26 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]
Sounds good, thanks! Next thing I want to do with the Surahs is to make Dagbani audio recordings of all 114 of them on Commons and attach them to the articles. -Masssly (Yɛltɔɣa) 10:39, 26 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]
Thanks, that will be a very big project! Sabon Harshe (Yɛltɔɣa) 10:44, 26 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]
@Masssly: There is a Dagbani audio Bible (Protestant Christian version) on websites such as Bible.com and Bible.is, and also audio stories on GlobalRecordings. These could give us some good ideas about how to make Dagbani audio recordings for the Islamic community. I believe that the copyright owner for the Bible audio recordings is the Bible Society of Ghana, but they encourage the recordings to be distributed as widely as possible.
If we can make Quranic recordings in Dagbanli that are public domain, this would be a great gift to the world! Sabon Harshe (Yɛltɔɣa) 10:55, 26 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]

Sabon Harshe Thanks for the marvelous work so far. You could equally add stub articles about all the countries in the world. I will love to learn from you how you are able to add a bulk of information at once or at a click of a button. It's always amazing seeing your username repeating in the Recent Changes. Dnshitobu

@Dnshitobu: Thanks for your warm encouragements Dnshitobu! I would usually make a table, usually based on information compiled from Tony Naden's 2014 Dagbani dictionary, like this: Ŋun su:Sabon Harshe/Plants. Then using the Firefox browser on a laptop that's not too slow, I would click on all the red links and open them as new tabs, copy and paste ready-made code that I had saved in a text editor, and then manually fill in the missing information. Next, connect to Wikidata. I plan to add more articles in the coming months. I would love to see Dagbani writers expand these stubs so that Dagbani Wikipedia can be more than just a simple picture dictionary. Sabon Harshe (Yɛltɔɣa) 06:34, 21 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]

Wow! This helps perfectly well. We will follow suit Dnshitobu (Yɛltɔɣa) 22:00, 23 Silimin gɔli August 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]

Translation request[mali mi di yibu sheena n-niŋ]


Can you translate and upload the articles en:Azerbaijanis and en:Azerbaijani language in Dagbani Wikipedia? Short and simple articles will suffice. These articles would be complementary articles for the already existing article Azerbaijan.

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (Yɛltɔɣa) 07:13, 3 Silimin gɔli November 2021 (GMT)Reply[{{GENDER :|reply}}]

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