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Subclass ofclinical sign, neurological and physiological symptom Mali niŋ
Has effectlimber tail syndrome Mali niŋ
Health specialtyprimary care Mali niŋ
Medical examinationsblood test, physical examination, psychological test Mali niŋ
Drug or therapy used for treatmentmodafinil, ginseng Mali niŋ
WordLift URLhttp://data.medicalrecords.com/medicalrecords/healthwise/fatigue_pdq__supportive_care_-_health_professional_information_nci Mali niŋ
ICD-9-CM780.7 Mali niŋ
ICPC 2 IDA04 Mali niŋ

Wumsim (fatigue)[1]

Kundivihira[mali niŋ | di nyabili mali niŋ]

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