Yiɣi chaŋ yɛligu maŋamaŋa puuni


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For other types of usurpation see WP:USURP.

Usurped domains are used by spammers, squatters, malware, SEO, phishing or other fraudulent activity. Typically they are legitimate domains that expired and were hijacked.

How to usurpify a citation[mali mi di yibu sheena n-niŋ]

The following is a decision tree for each citation. It can be followed manually, or implemented algorithmically by bot.

  • Does the source URL have an archive available?
    • Is it in a CS1|2 template (eg. {{cite web}})?
      • Add |url-status=usurped, |archive-url= and |archive-date=
    • Is it a square or bare URL?
      • Wrap the archive URL in {{usurped}}
  • Is no archive available?
    • Can the citation be verified if the URL was removed (eg. newspaper or journal content off-line)?
      • Remove the URL and keep the citation
    • Is the citation unverifiable without a URL (eg. web-only content)?
      • Remove the entire citation

Bots that can usurpify automatically with the above steps: