Yiɣi chaŋ yɛligu maŋamaŋa puuni


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Description[mali mi di yibu sheena n-niŋ]

  • Shows a legend with a coloured box.
  • This template differs from Template:Legend only in that it uses display:inline to prevent line breaks after each legend.

Usage[mali mi di yibu sheena n-niŋ]

See Template:Legend/doc for usage.

Limitations[mali mi di yibu sheena n-niŋ]

Using certain special characters in |text= that have meaning in wikitext can cause unexpected results. To use * in |text=, use |text={{asterisk}}. To use # in |text=, use |text={{number sign}}.

See also[mali mi di yibu sheena n-niŋ]

  • For the original version of this template using display:block, see {{Legend}}
  • For legend rows representing lines, see {{legend-line}}